Getting Involved

Professional Management Association encourages its members to become active in the organization through chair board activity, Project Management Program activity, or attending events to earn points. While becoming a member of the Chair board or Project Management Program requires an application, any member can obtain active membership through these guidelines:

To become an active member, one must pay dues and earn a minimum of 80 points. Each event has a point value ranging from 5-15 points, and lie in one of the following categories:

  • Corporate Relation. Ex: Professional development speakers and networking expos
  • THON. Ex: Canning weekends, thonvelope socials, and communication with the Millers
  • Community Service. Ex: Lights Out, Trash pickup, and box top collection
  • Social.  Ex: Tailgates, picnics, lazer tag, parties
  • Misc. Ex: general meetings and fundraisers

Upon achieving active membership, the member will receive a free PMA T-shirt and admittance to the Awards Dinner (Fall) or Vertical Adventures Trip (Spring). In addition, the most active member in each of the four categories will receive a reward directed towards that category’s theme.