Professional Events

Over the past year, The Professional Management Association has hosted several professional events catering to Smeal students of all majors. We have had the opportunity to partner with Fortune 500 companies who continually seek out the best interns and applicants for full time jobs. These professional events have ranged from small, private seminars with a single company, to larger networking events encompassing 20 companies giving students the opportunity to connect with potential employers. Companies we have partnered with in the past and continue to work with include: Geico, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Bank of America, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Students have the opportunity to speak one on one with these companies during biweekly professional meetings held in the evening. During the Networking Expo, students benefitted from gaining private access to a diverse portfolio of companies offering exclusive information on obtaining internships and full time jobs. PMA’s professional events are what distinguish our organization from others, and provide students with countless valuable experiences.

Professional Meeting.jpg