Outside of classes, Penn State students are looking for career enrichment. Some organizations may offer the opportunity to consult with companies to solve real business problems. However, PMA is the only organization that offers the opportunity to solve and implement these solutions using industry teachings through application.

Recently, PMA  has garnered the support of a wide variety of corporate partners that offers insight on how to enact and manage change in any setting. We have the support of students from various backgrounds, including external organizations, that contribute as team members on our projects.

Our corporate partners return year after year to participate in our interactive team-building events and recruit some of the best students in Smeal. Our members  return not only for the opportunity to develop as problem solvers, but to demonstrate their talent as project managers well. Our vision will inspire us to achieve; however, the task that is most important to the contributors at present is preparing the organization to experience this change and allow others to pick up where we leave off.